Dr. Bud

Dr. “Bud” Harris, a Safety Engineer, Certified & Licensed WellCoach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer is an expert on Workplace Health and Wellness Promotion and has been invited to speak at Safeway, REI, Xerox, IBM, Intel, Tyco and at premier National Safety & Health Conferences. His message to those responsible for others health is simple: Decide to just do anything consistently; the teacher will appear when the student is ready.

Dr. Bud practicing with the trucker teams

Bud is a past Chair and Executive Director of the Oregon Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and was the recipient of the 2005 National Association for Health and Fitness Member of the Year Award honored for his work with Workplace Health and Wellness Promotion along side local Safety professionals and Oregon youth. His 10 years abroad in Europe serving in the US Air Force shaped his straightforward message and dose of reality of Just Do Anything! Has helped change lives.

Trucker John and Dr. Bud Blue Lake Triathlon

Recently employed at Intel in Hillsboro; prior Dr. Bud managed the Environmental, Safety and Health (EHS) Program for Tyco Electronics, a 700+ employee base multinational electronics corporation in Wilsonville, Oregon. His 6th Year Oregon OSHA SHARP Award and ErgoWell Program also received nomination as the GIC North American candidate for the prestigious international Tyco EHS Excellence Award due to his Workplace Health and Wellness Program initiatives: Being “Fit for Duty” a must!

Blue Lake Triathlon June09

Currently, Dr. Bud is a Wellness coach for Wellness Coaches USA, is the part time City of Hillsboro Program Director for Youth Cross Country running programs, developed the areas NW!SPIN mountain biking fitness and boot camp programs and as a hobby, was a p/t Bally’s Total Fitness Certified Personal Fitness trainer (CPT). A Certified Wellness Coach (cWC), Ergonomics Technician (CET) and an Ironman70.3 NW triathlete, he lives in Hillsboro with his Danish wife Marie and two teenage daughters, Erika and Elisia. He can be seen around Hillsboro Just Doing Anything!