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The Movie – The Truckers to Triathletes full length documentary, 3 years in the making (30 mins long) is complete and can be viewed at this link.

OVERVIEW: Truckers to Triathletes is an initiative, now in its 4th season, that was designed to enable professional CDL truck drivers – traditionally among the most sedentary workers – to move toward a healthier lifestyle by participating in triathlon competitions as part of coworker teams. The benefits, according to Dr. George “Bud” Harris, (Dr. Bud) their wellness coach, are increased confidence and mental acuity, better health, increased productivity and reduced health care costs.

Participants in the program begin by training and competing on relay team of coworkers in one of the three elements of a full triathlon – swimming, bicycling or running. As they gain confidence and fitness they increase their performance to a level where they can compete in all three triathlon events.

VIDEO of 2nd Annual T2T Team Relays – 7 Teams

                              T2T Documentary Movie Trailer
The T2T initiative was started by Dr. Bud after the June 2009 Blue Lake Triathlon where three truckers completed their first full triathlon. Dr. Bud noted improvement in wellness, attitude, confidence and morale. The truckers’ wellness scores soared on health assessments and leaders were born. On any given Sunday, Truckers to Triathletes team members and their families can be found at Hagg Lake training, bonding and sharing inspiration.

Now in its 4th season, the second year in 2010 the T2T Relays brought together 7 Relay Teams and dozens of family members out to compete, greet, and share the joy of team based activity. The 4th Annual T2T Team Relays to be held on Sunday July 29th at the annual Amica Triathlon series will have up to 10 teams.

Bud Harris, PhD, cWC, CPT, a safety engineer by education is a nationally recognized workplace wellness authority and past Chairman and Executive Director of the Oregon Governor’s Executive Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Dr. Bud is a Senior Wellness Coach for Wellness Coaches USA and owns and operates a Health & Wellness consulting firm since 2003 that specializes in workplace health, safety and wellness in three focus areas: Communicating – CoachingConsulting.

Dr. Bud can be found in Hillsboro, OR with his two teenage daughters and Danish wife JUST DOING ANYTHING!

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